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Kool Conceptz is a Products Development and Marketing Firm and Manufacturer. With 40 years of combined Experience, our principles know how to design, create, identify, and market new products.

The Ultimate Ice Pack for Coolers!

Ice Lock® was invented by an avid camper who got tired of contaminated coolers, floating with ruined food. Enough was enough. He spent 4 years developing the ultimate re-usable ice pack for coolers that uses your favorite beverage or store-bought ice. Save time, your back, and your food! Now you can TURN YOUR ICE INTO DRINKING WATER!

Universal Drill Bit Holster

Are you tired of losing and dropping your screws while working, or do you have to keep stopping to fumble around for bits in your tool box? If so, then you need our universal fit, Gear Hub magnetic bit holder! Designed to hold 20 double sided bits, tools and screws, you can now work faster and more efficiently


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